+23 Weetabix Cake 2022

+23 Weetabix Cake 2022. Spread the mixture over the weetabix base and add any additional toppings you fancy. Pour in the milk and egg and mix well (the mixture will look like a lumpy batter).

I'd Much Rather Bake Than... Cherry and Chocolate Orange Weetabix Cake
I'd Much Rather Bake Than… Cherry and Chocolate Orange Weetabix Cake from

Add a cup of milk. If using, swirl in the chocolate spread using the edge of a butter knife or chopstick. Vanilla, blueberries, pear, chia seeds, blackberries, weetabix and 8 more.

Pour The Milk And Water Over The Top And Leave To Soak Up All The Liquid.

Mix well to combine and spread evenly. You’ve made your fat free, high fibre cake. I know that a bag of chocolate might taste better but this will go further and everyone can enjoy it!

Add The Rest Of The Ingredients And Mix Together Until Its No Longer Lumpy And Then Pop In The Microwave In A Microwavable Dish For About 6 Minutes.

Put the weetabix and sultanas in a bowl. Break the weetabix up and add the hot water. Measure out all the dried ingredients into a large bowl.

Preheat The Oven To 180°C/160°C Fan/Gas Mark 4.

In a separate small bowl, mix the yogurt with cream cheese. Pour mixture over weetabix and shake the container to smooth. I’m always looking for ways to make cheap dinners and cheap healthy meals so make sure you check out all my recipes and see how much they cost in the recipe card, you might be surprised!

Pour In The Milk And Egg And Mix Well (The Mixture Will Look Like A Lumpy Batter).

In a bowel, mix crushed weetabix with the milk. Pour the milk and water over the top and leave to soak up all the liquid. Blueberries, chia seeds, frozen blueberries, granola, banana and 9 more.

Stir In The Flour, Mixed Spice, Sugar And Beaten Egg.

Add a cup of sugar (this does seem a lot) add a teaspoon of mixed spice (we used cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger) mix the dry mixture together well. Healthy delicious forest blueberry smoothie smoothie fairytales. Mallow squares traybakes and more.

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